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Home » Classic April Fool’s Day Plumbing Pranks – Be Ready for the Payback!

Classic April Fool’s Day Plumbing Pranks – Be Ready for the Payback!

When you work in the plumbing and heating business, you’ve heard about all the best April Fool’s Day pranks and even had some service calls to fix a few of the crazier ones. Here are a few that are guaranteed to get a laugh and won’t create too much of a mess.

Watch out for Snakes!

Even though it’s rare for snakes to work their way from a vent on your roof into the toilet, logic goes out the window in the split-second after someone sees a fake plastic snake in the bowl. While this prank is always funny, make sure they don’t flush it in a panic – we don’t want to make a service call to remove the fake snake with a plumbing snake.

Give the Toilet Seat a Personality

This prank is a fun one and great for kids. Just use two rolls of toilet paper on top of the lid for eyes and then put the cardboard cylinder from a finished roll between the lid and the toilet. You’ll get the hilarious look of the toilet smoking a cigar. Have the kids use their imagination to customize it with hats, a cardboard tongue, etc.

The Rubber-Banded Sprayer Never Gets Old

This classic prank is great all year, but it’s even better on April Fool’s Day. Just put a rubber band on the handle of the kitchen faucet sprayer attachment and stand back. When the faucet is turned on, the sprayer will douse the poor person who was actually trying to clean up the kitchen.

The Crooked Shower Head

If your bathroom has an adjustable shower head, just point it toward the outside of the tub. When someone goes in to take a shower and bends down to turn on the water, they’ll get a surprise. You’ll reach legendary status if you prank someone with the kitchen sprayer and the shower head on April 1st.

What’s Wrong with the Soap?

If you’ve got a little time to put into an April Fool’s prank, grab a bar of soap and cover it with clear nail polish to prevent it from lathering up. No matter how hard someone tries, there’s no way anyone is getting clean. They’ll wonder what’s wrong with the soap and probably realize you’re at it again.

Plumbing Emergencies are No Joke

At Jack Hall Plumbing & Heating, we’ve got a great sense of humor, but we don’t joke around when it comes to customer service. Our top-notch team of plumbing professionals can quickly diagnose and fix plumbing problems, and we’re always on call for emergency plumbing repairs. Contact us to schedule a free estimate for plumbing services, or call (518) 792-7114 for 24/7 emergency plumbing repair in Glens Falls, Queensbury, Saratoga and the surrounding areas

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