Drain & Sewer Cleaning Services: Glens Falls, Queensbury, Southern Adirondacks

A quick & cost-effective solution for your clogged sewer line

Our sewer cleaning services:

  • High-pressure clog removal
  • Video sewer line inspection
  • Tree root removal
  • Sewer backup repair
  • Sewer line hookup, installation & repair
  • Drain cleaning

How do you know if you need drain or sewer cleaning?

  • You notice you’re plumbing lines are draining slowly
  • You have had tree roots infiltrate your sewage line 
  • You live in an older home

If any of these apply to you, consider having your sewer line cleaned out to prevent clogs that can cause raw sewage to backup into your home.

Call us at 1-518-741-2448 to request an appointment for sewer cleaning today! Jack Hall Plumbing & Heating can clear your clogged sewer line quickly to prevent costly damage and repairs. We provide all our plumbing services in Glens Falls, Saratoga Springs, Queensbury and surrounding New York.

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Signs of a clogged sewer line:

  • Gurgling noises coming from drains & toilets
  • Foul odors coming from drains
  • Water backing up out of drains
  • Smell of raw sewage outside the home
  • Multiple plumbing fixtures backing up
Underground sewer lines need professional cleaning & repair

Hidden sewer clogs. Many sewer problems occur in the part of your sewer line that you can't see. A camera can be used to inspect your main sewer line & locate clogs or obstructions.

What causes a clogged sewer line?

There are several ways your main sewage line can become clogged or obstructed. Drain pipes inside your home can clog with grease, hair, food, and other blockages. Sewer lines and pipes can shift due to expansive soils and cause your sewer line to break. Tree roots can extend into underground sewer lines and cause a blockage that you may not notice until it’s too late.

No matter what's causing your sewer line to clog or keep backing up, we can provide a fast solution and peace of mind.

We use the latest techniques to clear your pipes & main sewer line

Using a camera, we can easily look inside your sewage line to locate a clog and inspect the condition of your underground pipes without costly digging. We then use high-pressure jetting to effectively remove debris, including blockages, grease, and tree roots.

Contact us today for fast & affordable sewer cleaning & plumbing

Here at Jack Hall Plumbing & Heating, our goal is to provide you with a fast, affordable solution. We can solve all your sewer and drain cleaning needs with minimum hassle. Call us or fill out our contact form to request an estimate today! We proudly provide our sewer cleaning services throughout Gansevoort, Katskill Bay, Ballston Spa, Greenfield Center, Stillwater, Greenwich, Hartford and surrounding cities and towns in New York.

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