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Dirty Air Filters Have Big HVAC Consequences

dirty air filter

When someone contacts us at Jack Hall Plumbing & Heating with an HVAC issue, the first thing our technicians check during the service call is so simple that many homeowners are in disbelief – it’s the air filter and it’s probably dirty.

A dirty air filter restricts airflow in your HVAC system and can create issues that impact everything from the unit’s performance to your bank account and your health. Here are the telltale signs that your filter needs replacing and why putting off this easy maintenance step hurts your HVAC unit.

The HVAC Unit Works Overtime: When your filter is dirty and blocked, the unit needs to work harder to keep up. This puts a lot of pressure on the HVAC components and can lead to equipment damage and ultimately system failure. When HVAC units shut down, a dirty air filter is often the primary cause.

Increased Energy Usage and Costs: When your HVAC is running more often and longer because of a dirty filter, you’ll see the utility bill increase as the unit uses more energy to heat and cool your home. Keep in mind that when your HVAC is pushed to work harder, it’s costing you money.

Feeling Too Warm or Cold?: If your HVAC is running but you’re still too warm or cold in the house that’s a red flag for you to check the filter. Inadequate system performance also leads to uncomfortable and inconsistent temperatures from room to room in your home.

Dirty Filter Means Dirty HVAC: A clogged air filter can cause the HVAC evaporator coil to get dirty, moldy, and even promotes bacterial growth. This gunk restricts the heat exchange process, making your HVAC unable to effectively control indoor temperatures or remove adequate amounts of humidity. Eventually, the coil becomes a perfect spot for bacteria to grow, impacting air quality.

Poor Air Quality: When your HVAC system isn’t working optimally, the air quality in your home suffers. Dirty air filters lose their effectiveness in filtering out dust and debris. These particulates then get recirculated back through the home. This can cause allergies and aggravates symptoms for people with asthma or other respiratory conditions. If you have pets, the air quality will be even worse with a clogged filter.

Reduced Performance: If your air filter gets too dirty during the summer, it restricts airflow to the cooling coils. This causes the condensation produced during the cooling process to freeze. This frost accumulates on the coils and fans making it harder for your HVAC unit to cool your home. If this goes on for any length of time it will eventually lead to a complete system breakdown.

The HVAC experts at Jack Hall Plumbing & Heating provide maintenance and repair services that will ensure you stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. We’ve helped your neighbors in Glens Falls, Saratoga Springs, Queensbury, and across the North Country save money on utility bills and enjoy healthier, more comfortable homes. If you need HVAC service, contact us today at 1-518-792-7114 or click below for an estimate.

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