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5 Ways to Check if Your Mini Split Needs Cleaning

Whether you have a mini split ductless system in your home used year-round for heating and cooling or just have one installed in your three-season room for some summer AC, at some point those units need cleaning.

Just like a traditional HVAC system, regular cleaning of mini splits is the best way to prevent mold growth, unpleasant odors, and unnecessary wear and tear while ensuring the unit runs at peak performance.

At Jack Hall Plumbing & Heating we recommend annual cleaning and inspections for mini split systems, but depending on the condition of the unit and how often it runs it may need maintenance more frequently.

Here are five ways you can check your mini splits to see if it’s time to call our technicians in for a service:

Check the condenser: Go outside and inspect the condenser to see if there’s any dirt or debris If condensation collects on the surface of a dirty evaporator coil, that coil can freeze up. An icy coil can’t absorb heat from indoor air, so cooling output will be reduced. This will overwork the unit and could lead to more performance issues and repair costs.

Look inside the unit: Open the mini split cover and remove the filters to inspect them for dirt and debris. Also, carefully open the louvers and point a flashlight toward the inside fan to look for dirt and dust. If you see a lot of dirt and dust, even if the unit hasn’t been used much, it’s time for a professional cleaning.

Use your nose and ears: Multi splits have drain pans that can collect water and promote mold growth over time. This creates what many people describe as a “smelly sock” odor that’s hard to miss. This is a clear sign that professional cleaning is needed right away. As a multi split ages, the bearings in the motor wear out, especially if the unit isn’t regularly serviced. Bad bearings create friction as the unit runs and can cause a grinding noise. If you hear these sounds, it’s time for a service call.

Water leaks: Mini split systems have a condensation line that drains moisture collected from indoor air. If this line gets blocked by dirt or mold the water will back up into the system causing a leak. If you see even a little water, it’s not just condensation from the unit. That leak will likely get worse and potentially damage walls and floors.

Uneven performance: A properly functioning mini split will generate consistently cool air. Low or zero cooling output can signal a refrigerant leak which means that will eventually turn the unit into an expensive fan. One way to spot all types of potential performance problems is to keep an eye on the utility bill. When mini split systems are working too hard to produce cool air, that results in higher than average energy usage.

At Jack Hall Plumbing & Heating, our certified technicians are pros at cleaning and troubleshooting ductless mini split systems. Call 518-792-7114 today for service or to learn how our team can install an energy-efficient ductless HVAC unit in your home!

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