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Mini Split AC Systems Deliver on Efficiency, Great Features

Ductless Mini Split AC systems don’t get the credit they deserve when it comes to heating and cooling homes. At Jack Hall Plumbing & Heating, we’ve installed and maintained mini split units across the North Country and helped our clients use them to save money on utility bills and enjoy a more comfortable home.

Here a just a few reasons why a mini split AC system might be right for you:

Expand living space: Every home has one room or section of the house that’s always too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. Even if you have a central AC system, a small, single-zone mini split system can make a big difference at a much lower price than you would pay to upgrade a central AC. Mini splits are also a great way to turn a three-season room into a space you can use year-round with a mini split.

Energy gets lost in ductwork: Ductless mini split systems deliver cool and warm air directly from the source to the room it needs to reach. It’s estimated that in an average house, you can lose 25 percent of energy in the ducts as air travels through the ductwork before it gets to the room you need to heat or cool. Mini splits don’t lose that hot or cool air, so they work much more efficiently than traditional central heat and AC.

Mini splits can handle cold weather: Most people think of mini splits as being effective only in the summertime. That’s because when they first hit the market, mini-split systems were not very good at heating rooms in colder climates like we have here in the northeast. Now low ambient mini splits are available that work efficiently in low temperatures. Some units can even maintain a 100 percent heating capacity when the temperature drops into the single digits.

Cut through the humidity: While mini splits systems aren’t specifically designed as dehumidifiers, many models come with a “dry mode” that will remove moisture from the air. Dry mode sets the unit to run slower and remove moisture from the air which goes a long way towards making things cooler in the summer months.

Mini splits have high SEER ratings: A SEER rating measures how much energy a unit requires to operate effectively over a single year. The average central AC unit sold today has a SEER rating of 16 and can’t compete with the average mini split SEER ratings that come in at around 20. There are even some mini split systems that score SEER ratings of more than 30 – It’s virtually impossible to find a central AC system that rates that high.

Zone Coverage: Mini splits are designed to cover a certain amount of square footage so your home’s floor plan will dictate how a mini split system will be set up.  The advantage of mini split units is that you can use different types of units throughout the home to create zones or just install a single unit to cover one area of the house. This flexibility pays off in energy savings and efficiency because you can set the temperature to make rooms you use frequently comfortable and dial it back in rooms you aren’t using as much.

At Jack Hall Plumbing & Heating, our experienced techs know how effective ductless mini splits systems are and why the features make them a great choice for heating and AC needs. To learn more about mini splits and how our team can easily install them in your home, contact us today.

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