Best part? It was FREE because Jack Hall Home Energy Services is certified!!!

Blower Test My house just had its very own doctors appointment with Scott from Jack Hall Plumbing and Heating!! It’s called a Home Energy Assessment and I learned a TON about my house! Including some easy tips I can apply today that cost me almost nothing to make my home more efficient!

Best part? It’s was FREE because Scott and Jack Hall are certified!!!

I dealt right with Scott directly to set it up and he came exactly when he was supposed to and left exactly when he said he would.

He even was sure to call the kids into the room for the really cool stuff (it was actually fascinating!!)…..

I’m super thrilled to get the official assessment documents next week! My house is pretty healthy and only a couple hiccups that we can easily manage! Thanks Scott!!!

home energy assessment
Rachael Lujbli
February 28, 2019

Advantages of a home energy assessment…

  • You are under no obligation to purchase anything!
  • Helps you find the best opportunities for saving energy and protecting health and safety
  • Include diagnostic tools and a blower door test to pinpoint trouble spots
  • Working with Jack Hall Energy Services can make you eligible for weatherization incentives

Can You Benefit From A Home Energy Assessment?

The first step to lower your energy bills is understanding how much you use and which products or systems use the most.

You can then make improvements based on cost-effectiveness, return on investment, and above all, the health and safety of you and your family.

Just start by getting a  home energy assessment.

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We make it easy and affordable for homeowners like you to save energy, save money and live in comfort all year long.

We will come out and complete a home energy inspection. During the assessment, we’ll pinpoint areas of your home where upgrades could help you save electricity and make your home more energy efficient all around.

infrared camera infrared camera

Here’s the best part: There are tools, resources and energy efficiency programs so these upgrades are more attainable.

For example, a family of 4 making less than $55,000 per year could qualify for up to  $5,000 in grants toward your upgrades. You can use this money for a new energy efficient furnace, or improved insulation

New York State Energy Efficiency Programs

Use Your Tax Dollars to Make Your Home More Efficient

A family of 4 making less than $55,000 per year can qualify for up to $5,000 in grants toward your upgrades. You can use this money for a new energy efficient furnace, new windows or basement windows, or improved insulation!


We’ll help you find the cause of those drafts and air leaks so you can keep warm or cool air in, and unwanted air out, lowering your energy bills in the process.


We’ll help you ease the stress on your heating and air conditioning systems and prevent costly breakdowns by fixing the areas of your home wasting energy.


When you implement the recommended energy upgrades, you could save hundreds of dollars, or even more, in energy costs every year.

 What people are saying…

Thank you Scott and thank you Jack Hall Plumbing and Heating!!

The work was completed in a timely manner and it looks amazing!! Scott walked through my home showing me where the “leaks” we’re. He also suggested some inexpensive things we could do to get rid of the leaks. The basement was the biggest challenge. We had new windows installed and foam insulation put into the footers to stop the leaks. What a great change and it looks and feels wonderful!! I very happy with my improved home. Thank you Scott and thank you Jack Hall plumbing and heating!!

Colleen Parisi

I am very happy with my improved home. Thank you Scott and thank you Jack Hall plumbing and heating!!

- Colleen Parisi


“I could just live in my kitchen, it’s so warm and comfortable. I’m so thrilled about all the improvements that were made.”

Anna had dealt with drafts in her vintage 1850s home. When her furnace started acting up, her Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® contractor had a different solution in mind than simply replacing equipment. The contractor helped her make her home more energy efficient by providing a home energy assessment and recommending upgrades.

Today, Anna’s home is toastier than it’s ever been. The drafts in Anna’s home are gone because the improvements cut air leakage by 61 percent. “The insulation has made such a difference. And it was done at a real savings to me,” she said.

Anna is also saving money on her bills. “My gas and electric bills have really gone down. I’m on the budget plan, and right now I’m $218 in my favor. That’s never happened before.” Cost savings are only part of the benefit for Anna. “I love to bake,” she said, and now she enjoys being in her comfortable kitchen.


Can you benefit from a home energy assessment?

  •  Does your furnace run all the time?
  •  Does your A/C run all the time?
  •  High energy bills?
  •  Drafty rooms?
  •  Do you need a new furnace?

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You are under no obligation to purchase anything!