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Learn Why Mini Splits Beat Window AC Units Every Time

When customers ask us why they should opt for a mini split ductless system when they can just install a window AC unit for the summer, it’s a long answer. At Jack Hall Plumbing & Heating we’re seeing the popularity of mini splits continue to rise and there are plenty of good reasons why our techs are installing so many of these systems.

Here are some of the chief reasons we recommend mini-split systems:

Mini Splits Run Quietly: Even the best window AC units make a lot of noise. Comparable mini splits are much quieter not only due to their advanced technology, but the compressor part of the unit is located outside away from the living area. When a mini split is heating or cooling a room the noise is barely heard in the background.

Window Units Are … Ugly: Window units are installed one way – in the window. Mini splits can be configured in multiple ways and these low-profile units are mounted on walls, near the floor, or in the ceiling where they are out of the way. The outside part of the unit has a small footprint and can be hidden with a little creative landscaping. Also, window units cause you to give up the use of that window so there’s no sunlight, breeze, or view for the warmer seasons.

Minis are Versatile: Window AC units only work effectively in one room of the house. Homeowners can use mini splits to cool one room or for whole-home climate control. Multiple indoor units can be configured to work together to maintain a comfortable temperature house- wide. If you start with one room, some outdoor units can handle several indoor units so it’s easy to expand to other rooms if you decide to cover more of the house after initial installation.

Save Money in the Long Run – Compared with the average window unit, a mini split ductless system runs on about 40 percent less energy which translates into lower monthly power bills. While mini splits cost more to install initially, they last significantly longer than your average window unit, and over the long term it pays you back with the system’s impressive energy efficiency. If you need assistance with upfront costs, we offer financing options!

Constant Comfort: Window AC units cycle on and off or keep running until the room is too cold creating unpleasant temperature swings. Mini splits maintain consistent cooling without the temperature fluctuations. The advanced thermostat technology of ductless systems ensures a more stable and comfortable indoor environment which enhances your overall comfort.

Air Quality: Because ductless mini split systems have advanced filtration systems, they catch airborne particles like dust, pollen, mold spores, and even pet dander. Window unit ACs are solely designed to circulate outside air which ultimately brings allergens and dust into the house.  The filtration capabilities of the mini split ensures better indoor air quality and helps keep your family healthy.

At Jack Hall Plumbing & Heating, our experienced technicians provide mini split ductless system installation, repair, maintenance, and cleaning services throughout the North Country. Contact us today at (518) 792-7114 to learn more about mini splits and for a free mini split ductless system estimate.

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