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10 reasons why properly insulating your home makes good sense

Everyone knows that a well-insulated home stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer. At Jack Hall Home Energy Services, our crew will tell you that the benefits of properly insulating your home go way beyond that – Here are 10 reasons why:

Insulation projectEnjoy Year-Round Comfort: A well-insulated home is more comfortable and energy efficient because it reduces the likelihood of air leakage from windows, doors, or even gaps around electrical outlets. A good layer of insulation promotes a consistent temperature in every room of the house keeping the movement of heat to a minimum which means you’re comfortable no matter what the weather is.

Save Energy and Money: Poorly insulated homes allow conditioned air out and outdoor air in which makes your HVAC unit work harder. This means more energy consumption and a higher power bill. Jack Hall Home Energy Services can insulate your roof, walls, windows, and floors to make your house more energy efficient. We can reduce the amount of time that your unit runs keep more cash in your pocket.

Peace and Quiet: Properly installed insulation can make a big difference in the amount of noise that’s heard between rooms in your home. High-quality insulation materials buffer sounds that travel through walls, floors, and ceilings. It also helps block out exterior noise by absorbing sounds making your home a much quieter place to relax.

Avoid Condensation Damage: Insulation protects the structural integrity of your home by preventing mold and moisture. Your HVAC unit creates warm air, which mixes with cool, moist air in poorly insulated spaces such as attics, crawl spaces, or exterior walls, creating an environment where mold thrives. Insulation prevents this because it keeps each room at a constant temperature even when outside temperatures change considerably.

Earn Tax Credits: State and Federal government agencies offer incentive programs for people who take steps to increase the energy efficiency of their homes. These are usually in the form of tax credits which equal a certain percentage of the total cost of an insulation project that can be deducted from that year’s taxes.

Protect Against Fire, Insects: High-quality insulation can help protect your home against fires and even act as an insect repellent. Insects such as termites can cause significant damage, but proper insulation keeps them from infiltrating the home and creating costly structural repairs. Some new insulation materials are built for withstanding fires. They are less flammable than some older insulation products and can help keep fires from starting and even spreading in some cases.

Environmentally Friendly: Because quality insulation reduces energy consumption by helping your HVAC system run less often, it preserves non-renewable resources and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. There are also insulation products on the market made from eco-friendly materials.

Healthy Home Environment: Proper insulation shields your home from outdoor contaminants such as pollen, dust or even chemicals that can trigger allergies or asthma. Keeping the home at a consistent temperature also discourages mold growth and can even boost your immune system. A comfortable indoor temperature can reduce your chances of getting sick.

Your HVAC System Will Thank You: Poor insulation leads to a lot of conditioned air escaping from your home. This means your HVAC needs to run more often and longer to make up the difference.  This will wear down the unit more quickly and the HVAC components will need repair more often. A well-insulated home and routine HVAC maintenance are a great combination to ensure a longer-lasting, efficiently operating unit.

Boost Your Home’s Value: A well-insulated home is attractive for potential buyers because it means they don’t have to do the work to make it energy efficient. Even if you don’t plan on selling, proper insulation will increase your equity in the home. At Jack Hall Home Energy Services, we offer several insulation solutions and options that will work best for your home design and budget. We can even use exterior insulation materials that give a finished look to your home.

Jack Hall Home Energy Services provides high-quality attic insulation and air sealing services to make your home more energy efficient. We’ve helped your neighbors in Glens Falls, Saratoga, Queensbury, and throughout the region save money on heating and cooling costs and enjoy healthier, more comfortable homes. Call us today at 1-518-792-7114 to get a free home insulation estimate!

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